Real Estate Exam Prep Course in Redlands

This Live One Day Prep Course will help you pass the test the first time.

Location: Zoom Link will be provided

Schedule: Every 2nd Saturday unless otherwise stated, 9AM – 5PM

$199.00 ENROLL NOW

If you have already taken the three college level courses and only need to prepare for the state exam, we suggest this option. If you enrolled in our complete pre-license package, you have prepaid for this course. Check our prep course schedule and reserve a seat before you submit your state examination application to the California Bureau of Real Estate. Our instructor will review the most important topics typically found on the State Exam. This full day review will help you pass the test the first time.

In addition to lecture on basic real estate subjects, this Real Estate Exam Prep Course includes:

  1. Prep Course materials available online
  2. Real estate terms and word glossary
  3. Strategies to passing the state exam (the BRE tricks)
  4. Online Final Briefing Exams

Our Top Secret Strategies on how to pass your Real Estate Exam include:

  1. Key terminology essential to passing the state exam
  2. Interpretation of especially confusing exam questions
  3. Helpful exam taking hints that will add points to your score
  4. A simplified approach to solving word problems
  5. Valuable memorization aids to help you remember the basics
  6. Strategies for the white board that you are provided
  7. Strategies for those who are not good at complex math problems

And so much more! These tips are something you don’t learn from other blogs or schools.

Real Estate Exam Prep Course in Redlands
Real Estate Exam Prep Course in Redlands


Professional Content

Provides up-to-date content in an interactive database of diagnostic questions to help you master the subjects in the state exam.

Effective Exam Preparation

Sample exams can be customized in length from 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 questions, made randomly or by topic category.

Track Your Progress

Exams are graded instantly, and check your average scores by category, so you can see where you need more practice.


Includes a glossary of real estate terms in text and audio, linked to explained answers.